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america when it comes to established religion, established christian religion and band whether or not that is acceptable? >> if you look at american christianity today you find reactions that cross the entire spectrum, open hostility, you find great silent discomfort, you find embrace. it really depends on where you look. the thing about all of this is most of these people are trying their best to do what they think is right and the motive does matter when we are looking at the situation. most people are trying to be loving even if it doesn't always feel like love or a lookalike love to some of the rest of us. >> host: give an example. wikipedia >> guest: vote worst would be the westborough baptist church. when i went there i very much wanted to dislike the church. they are so angry. it seems they are so hateful and yet they tried to explain to me that what they are doing is out of love because they believe they have been instructed to love their neighbor. how can you love your neighbor more than to tell them that they are going to hell but they have a chance to turn around. th
back the idea to go to work for a bank was lowe's some. and extending into religion we lost the of restraint of a concern for the other the could samaritans. we have lost any accountability with the real concern is looking at the statistics of it come the gate and of all the money that we have spent has almost all gone to the top 1 percent. if you want to the description for disaster the somebody cable law to say i am subversive to be sure you how to destroy america that we can totally deregulate the banks let agreed to run wild they will package them in a securities stock and then to get out of it we will make the banks hold to protect the 1% in the of the society is so severely divided to have alienation as the norm. that is truly frightening while the optimism people come to their senses that we cannot go on like this. hopefully that will include people to be pessimistic on the proper 30 in silicon valley to vote for an increase of taxes it is a step in the right direction to make this place work. >> i will just add we are such a plan the schaede century other countries l
samples. later we would do research connecting mutations to actual breast cancer risk. jewish religion has long be a list of a risk factor -- factor for breast cancer. early risk literature and breast cancer, religion, particular in the jewish religion is a risk factor so initially when the braque the research started it was seen as evidence for that. the language wasn't quite pull language of ancestry as much ethnicity. a lot of confusion in the early years of braque a research. more questions? >> this sounds like another variation of blaming the victim and so it is the victim's fault, you don't have to do much about it. i wonder if you could talk about this for mohels policy perspective, right now what is going on in terms of health policy in this issue. >> what i was initially concerned was -- has been the status, environmental health policy, public health policy, and my early research in breast cancer was looking at activism around the environment particularly in the new york area. that early research was there is a lot of activism around why is it so many women are being diagnosed wit
, but clearly not all voters prefer to vote for someone of their own color or religion or ethnic background, what have you. it's not necessarily a bad thing. it's just the way it is. i'm not wise enough to know if it's a learned behavior or just plain human nature. but it also is a certainty that i became the 106th mayor of the city of new york because a whole lot of white people voted for me. therefore, it is wrong to say that i won the first election because black folks voted for me as it is to say i lost the second election because white folks voted for giuliani. now, i'm not backing off my statement that rudy ran a racist campaign, because he did. what i'm saying is that racism was not the only reason i lost the second election. americans, and i submit especially new yorkers, are too smart for that. and by the way, hasn't president barack obama dispelled this mythology once and for all? the same time we'd be putting our heads in the sand if the we didn't recognize that for some people racism is a way of life. this is not just true in america, but in all countries which have large groups
understanding of religions and without understanding the modes of mourning and the rituals for grieving it becomes deeply problematic. to drive his this point home one researcher asked me to imagine it in the reverse. he said imagine after 9/11 if a shaman from mozambique came to america and began knocking on doors of the survivors and said i need to lead you through some rituals to help separate the spirit of your loved one from the living. would that make any sense to us and of course it wouldn't. it doesn't seem to stop us from doing the exact opposite and i think i know why. i think we think what we offer is based on science and it's universally human and we figured this out. our ptsd is not culturally shaped. i would fundamentally disagree. i think it's culturally shaped and all those other notions of trauma that i listed. you can even actually see, even if you took a subset of western soldiers over time you can see the cultural differences in ptsd overtime pay or if you are a british soldier and you had a negative reaction to it from a battle you are likely to complain of joint pa
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5